X Clubs are free after school or lunch clubs in middle schools, designed to teach positive life skills to youth.  Relationships are built through fun, active games, biblical teaching, and teen-style snacks. Since middle school students have deeper life questions, we help kids learn to search the Bible for answers.

X Clubs are open to all students in the school. Biblical principles of honesty, integrity, respect, and faith are reinforced all during Club.

X Clubs are led by members of your local community and we welcome parent participation. 

X Clubs are not sponsored by the school or school district  but are allowed by the First Amendment, Equal Access and the California Educational Code-Civic Center Act. 

In establishing an X Club we will work with local churches to ensure there is proper liability insurance. All volunteers will be required to submit to a background check, which will include an application, references, and fingerprinting through the Department of Justice.