What Elementary School Principals have said-

“The Kids Club provides kind, caring and fun activities for students.  There are enough adults to supervise and the behavior of the students is excellent.  I thank you for your continued concern about the rules of our school.  I do not see any areas that might need improvement.  I would recommend this program to other schools.”

“The Kids Club program runs smoothly without my involvement.  However, I do greatly enjoy walking through and meeting the staff and I particularly enjoy watching the children. They are excited and very engaged in the activities.  I would highly recommend this program for other schools.”

“Kids Club has undoubtedly been a wonderful addition to the programs at our school.  The quick growth in popularity among our kids is evidence of its positive impact on their social development and joy for learning.  Soon after the program started, students would tell me how much they looked forward to Kids Club day. One mom shared that her son gets up extra early in anticipation, and was disappointed when he learned after the first week that it was going to be just one day each week and he’d have to wait for a whole week to go back.”